Build a 100% Serverless REST API with Firebase Functions & FaunaDB

❥ Sponsor Indie and enterprise web developers alike are pushing toward a serverless architecture for modern applications. Serverless architectures typically scale well, avoid the need for server provisioning and most importantly are easy and cheap to set up! And that’s why I believe the next evolution for cloud is serverless because it enables developers to […]

Comparing the Different Types of Native JavaScript Popups

JavaScript has a variety of built-in popup APIs that display special UI for user interaction. Famously: alert(“Hello, World!”); The UI for this varies from browser to browser, but generally you’ll see a little window pop up front and center in a very show-stopping way that contains the message you just passed. Here’s Firefox and Chrome: […]

It’s All In the Head: Managing the Document Head of a React Powered Site With React Helmet

The document head might not be the most glamorous part of a website, but what goes into it is arguably just as important to the success of your website as its user interface. This is, after all, where you tell search engines about your website and integrate it with third-party applications like Facebook and Twitter, […]

How to Add a Booking Calendar to WordPress With a Plugin

What You’ll Be Creating If you run a business that takes bookings or appointments, adding a booking calendar plugin to your WordPress website will win you more business. Here’s how to do it with the Bookly Pro plugin. This will help you get more business and reduce the time spent taking bookings manually. In the […]

How to Create an Appointment Booking Calendar With a WordPress Plugin

Many businesses require their customers to book appointments. Whether you are a yoga instructor, barber, or a counselor, you will need to book appointments to ensure that all your customers are served in an orderly and timely manner. Posting a phone number to call to book appointments on your website is an absolute must. However, […]

10 Best White Label Branding Plugins for WordPress

What is White Label Branding? Your local supermarket chain has its own supermarket brand products it offers to its customers. These supermarket brand products are cheaper compared to the same product sold under a fancy brand name. Does this mean that the supermarket manufactures its own products?  Not at all. The products are manufactured by […]

The Best Learning Management System Plugins for WordPress

Technology has completely transformed how we learn and how training is delivered. Physical presence in a physical location is no longer necessary. Technology has not done away with the instructor or the student though. Instead, it has made how and where we access and interact with learning material easy, dynamic, and flexible. In fact, it […]