24 Best WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Addons & Plugins of 2020

Add the best WPBakery add-ons and extensions ever developed to your page builder and add give your website visitors the experience they need. From carousel add-ons to extra WooCommerce product extensions, these WPBakery add-ons and extensions will provide endless new possibilities.  One of the many premium WPBakery page builder addons and extensions available on CodeCanyon  The […]

Build a dynamic JAMstack app with GatsbyJS and FaunaDB

❥ Sponsor In this article, we explain the difference between single-page apps (SPAs) and static sites, and how we can bring the advantages of both worlds together in a dynamic JAMstack app using GatsbyJS and FaunaDB. We will build an application that pulls in some data from FaunaDB during build time, prerenders the HTML for […]

10 Best PHP URL Shortener Scripts

URLs are rarely short and sweet. They usually contain multiple keywords and are accompanied by extra parameters to help with the tracking of different campaigns or incoming traffic. These long URLs with so many parameters can sometimes be off-putting for potential visitors. Therefore, it’s usually a better idea to use a URL shortener script and […]

The Web in 2020: Extensibility and Interoperability

In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of change and diversion in regard to web technologies. In 2020, I foresee us as a web community heading toward two major trends/goals: extensibility and interoperability. Let’s break those down. Extensibility Extensibility describes how much someone can take a particular technology and extend it to their own needs. We’ve built […]