Weekly Platform News: Web Apps in Galaxy Store, Tappable Stories, CSS Subgrid

In this week’s roundup: Firefox gains locksmith-like powers, Samsung’s Galaxy Store starts supporting Progressive Web Apps, CSS Subgrid is shipping in Firefox 70, and a new study confirms that users prefer to tap into content rather than scroll through it. Let’s get into the news. Securely generated passwords in Firefox Firefox now suggests a securely […]

Optimizing Images for Users with Slow Network Speeds

❥ Sponsor For every website, page load time is a critical factor that can make or break the business. Thanks to the better user experience that comes with a fast-loading webpage, those who focus on page load optimization enjoy better conversion rates, better SEO, better retention, and lower bounce rates. And this fact has been […]

Query JSON documents in the Terminal with GROQ

JSON documents are everywhere today, but they are rarely structured the way you want them to be. They often include too much data, have weirdly named fields, or place the data in unnecessary nested objects. Graph-Relational Object Queries (GROQ) is a query language (like SQL, but different) which is designed to work directly on JSON […]

How to Build and Deploy a Web App With Buddy

Moving code from development to production doesn’t have to be as error-prone and time-consuming as it often is. By using Buddy, a continuous integration and delivery tool that doubles up as a powerful automation platform, you can automate significant portions of your development workflow, including all your builds, tests, and deployments. Unlike many other CI/CD […]

Some Things You Oughta Know When Working with Viewport Units

David Chanin has a quickie article summarizing a problem with setting an element’s height to 100vh in mobile browsers and then also positioning something on the bottom of that. Summarized in this graphic: The trouble is that Chrome isn’t taking the address bar (browser chrome) into account when it’s revealed which cuts off the element […]

Show Search Button when Search Field is Non-Empty

I think the :placeholder-shown selector is tremendously cool. It allows you to select the placeholder of an input (<input placeholder=”…”>) when that placeholder is present. Meaning, the input does not yet have any value. You might think input[value] could do that, or help match on the actual value, but it can’t. This makes :placeholder-shown one […]