Want the Secret to Insta-Success? Enrol in the School of Instagram

Why do some people seem to gain Instagram followers effortlessly, while others struggle to get any traction? Find the answer by enrolling in the School of Instagram. It’s completely free to join, and the lessons you learn will take your Instagram account to the next level. Here’s a quick overview of what you can learn […]

How to Create Your Own AJAX WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

In this tutorial we will create lightweight wishlist functionality for WooCommerce using AJAX, WordPress REST API, and SVG graphics. WooCommerce doesn’t come with wishlist functionality as standard, so you’ll always need to rely on an extension to do the work for you. Unless you build it yourself for complete control.. Wish Upon a Star Wishlist […]

How to Build and Deploy a Web App With Buddy

Moving code from development to production doesn’t have to be as error-prone and time-consuming as it often is. By using Buddy, a continuous integration and delivery tool that doubles up as a powerful automation platform, you can automate significant portions of your development workflow, including all your builds, tests, and deployments. Unlike many other CI/CD […]

Blockchain Has a Huge Impact on the WordPress Development Realm

Lots and lots of people, including myself, have been extolling the virtues of using WordPress and Blockchain together, instead of a traditional PHP templating frameworks. WordPress has already been creating a buzz irrespective of the field, whether it’s of development or security. In addition to this, developers are able to find out ways to find […]

Show an Event Calendar With a Free WordPress Calendar Plugin

Many businesses need to share event calendars with customers. For example, a restaurant can use an event calendar to advertise special musical events, or holiday menus. Similarly, schools can use event calendars on their websites to let students and teachers know about any upcoming activities in school related to sports, exams or other events. Event […]

Add Engagement With Interactive Media Plugins for WordPress

Visual engagement is an indispensable part of any website. Without it users won’t engage with your content. It also means that you are not reaching any audience or grabbing attention, which in turn means you have no conversions and no revenue.  You need to create visual engagement that leads to satisfying user experiences that in […]

ADning Advertising: Create Adverts For Your WordPress Site

Advertising is one of the main ways that websites generate revenue. Perhaps you created a blog specifically to drive people towards your website’s Store page, and want to give visitors that extra little push? Maybe you run several websites, and want to promote your biggest-earner across your entire portfolio? Or maybe you don’t have anything […]

How to Add a Booking Calendar to WordPress With a Plugin

What You’ll Be Creating If you run a business that takes bookings or appointments, adding a booking calendar plugin to your WordPress website will win you more business. Here’s how to do it with the Bookly Pro plugin. This will help you get more business and reduce the time spent taking bookings manually. In the […]

How to Create an Appointment Booking Calendar With a WordPress Plugin

Many businesses require their customers to book appointments. Whether you are a yoga instructor, barber, or a counselor, you will need to book appointments to ensure that all your customers are served in an orderly and timely manner. Posting a phone number to call to book appointments on your website is an absolute must. However, […]

10 Best White Label Branding Plugins for WordPress

What is White Label Branding? Your local supermarket chain has its own supermarket brand products it offers to its customers. These supermarket brand products are cheaper compared to the same product sold under a fancy brand name. Does this mean that the supermarket manufactures its own products?  Not at all. The products are manufactured by […]